From February 6 to 15 Florence becomes sweet, in fact, back in the central Piazza Santa Maria Novella waiting Artisan Chocolate Fair with many activities and treats.

The event filled with aroma engaging the whole square with its exhibitors and demonstrations of chocolate for all visitors, many activities, games, and choreography. There will be many new features but also activities already tested, which were very welcome and will be then proposed again.
The 2015 edition however will be devoted to further develop the set goal of not just be only an exhibition but to become a real event where the argument chocolate is gutted to 360 °. The great phenomenon of food blogs, which have invaded the network of low cost simple and tasty recipes, go hand in hand with the advice and explanations of a nutritionist to uncover secrets and curiosity.

The Chocolate Fair crafts takes place February 6 to 15 in Piazza Santa Maria Novella.

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